Spring, Grass and Laminitis

It looks like spring is finally here along with some lovely sun and longer and longer days and therefore making our beautiful landscape greener and blooming. This directly affects the grass, making it grow faster, longer and therefore increasing drastically the amount of sugar on it. This fact is a huge risk factor for developing acute episodes of laminitis. This can be managed by keeping our horses out of pastures with long grass and especially avoiding grazing at the first and last hours of sunlight of the day, as plants are more active at these times and therefore the amount of sugar on them is much higher than the rest of the day.

Another important risk factor for laminitis development of acute laminitis episodes is if our horses are suffering from PPID (commonly known as Cushing’s Disease). There is a wide range of symptoms you can spot on your equine companions that can lead you to suspect the presence of this Disease (curly hair, localised fat deposits, muscular waste or difficult to gain weight, problems changing the winter coat, bad hair quality and recurrent laminitis). In the light of this we will be glad to inform that TAL (Talk about Laminitis) are giving free ACTH test vouchers for diagnosing this condition (provided your horse has not been tested under this promotion before) until further notice. If you suspect your animal could be affected, just contact the practice and we will arrange the blood sample collection and contact TAL to get your free voucher.

Remember, the hassle for your horse from the taking of a blood sample is minimal and the benefits diagnosing and treating this condition are massive, both in quality of life and avoiding undesirable treats to their life style.