Led by PJ with his vast experience of lameness issues our vets are trained in all aspects of equine lameness diagnosis, treatment and management. The practice ethos is to keep your equine athletes competing at the highest level. The majority of our lameness examinations are carried out in the home yard but we do have facilities at the clinic for more in depth examinations if required. All the vets carry the latest in diagnostic technologies in their vehicles, which include portable digital x-rays – thus allowing the radiographs to be viewed in situ, then to be downloaded on to a main server for storage. Each vet also carries an ultrasound scanner for effective diagnostic imaging. Also at the clinic we have a high powered x-ray unit for imaging backs. If your horse requires an MRI or specialist treatment PJ will know the best hospital for your referral for the specific condition. He keeps in contact with all the specialists in the area and the practice has a good working relationship with them all.

We offer a full range of therapies following diagnosis which include: laser therapy using  portable Artemis HILT and FP4 units, acupuncture, shock wave, Bisphosphonate, IRAP and PRP therapies.

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