Pre-Purchase Examinations

Pre-purchase examinations are carried out by all of our veterinary surgeons – either 2 or 5 stage. If you require a 2 stage only examination we would require you to sign a disclaimer prior to the examination being carried out, confirming that stages 3 -5 are to be excluded. It is worth deciding on whether you wish to insure your horse prior to making a choice on which pre-purchase examination is required. Some insurance companies will request a 5 stage so is always preferable to check with them first to avoid added costs. Included in the 5 stage examination is the taking of blood prior to examination – the blood is then sent to an outside laboratory for storage for 6 months, any testing for NSAID’s can be carried out if required during this time, there is an additional charge for this service. When booking the examination you will be asked for the name, age, colour and sex of the horse along with contact details for the owner and location of horse. You will also be asked if your would like to attend the vetting. The attending vet will call you as soon as he has completed the examination, if there are any issues that need to be addressed during the vetting he will call you to discuss them before completing the examination. The vetting can be curtailed at any point if the horse is not deemed suitable for purchase.

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